Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Monkey Snack Bag Topper

Monkey Snack Bag Topper-JMRush
Approximate size: W 6.75” x H 6”

This snack bag topper features character arms and head that fold over a resealable plastic bag. This design is perfect for Valentine’s Day or birthday parties. 

1.Cut design pieces. (I used double sided cardstock for the topper base). (The legs/feet of the monkey were modified after the tutorial was made… sometimes tutorials are a work in progress for me;)
2. Fold the score lines. Glue the monkey face to the solid monkey face base. Using foam adhesive squares, attach the smaller heart to the larger one. 
3. Glue the small monkey face, cheeks and inner ear pieces to their coordinating shapes on the monkey face.
4.-5. Using foam adhesive squares, attach the nose to the combined face and then the combined monkey face to the topper base. Glue the combined hearts to the monkey’s tummy.
6. Using a foam adhesive square, attach the tail to the monkey’s backside.
7. Apply hot glue to the inside of the topper base just underneath the score lines, where the arms fold over. (You want to make sure that the arms can still fold down.) 
8.  Center and secure your open resealable plastic bag to the hot glue line. Make sure that only one side of the plastic bag is glued down so that you can still open it. I used a snack sized plastic bag (W 6.5” x H 4.25”)
9. Fill with treats. I finished the monkey with enamel adhesive dots to accent the eyes and ribbon:)

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