Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cheers! Gift Card Holder

Cheers! Gift Card Holder-JMRush
Approximate Card size: 3.5” x 5” 

This card features an optional gift card holder and fits a standard A2 size envelope. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats. 

1.Cut design pieces. (I used double sided cardstock for the card base). (There is an optional gift card holder which design changes during the tutorial.)
2. Fold the card along score lines. Center and glue the Cheers beer image to it’s solid matching base. Using foam adhesive squares, attach the smaller foam to the larger one.
3. Apply glue the bottom of the optional gift card holder. (Make sure that you do not glue the inside flaps).
4. Center it to the inside of the card base and secure into place.
5. Insert Gift Card.
6. Glue the Combined cheers beer designs to it’s handled base. Glue this combination to the card base. Glue the foam design on top:)


  1. Just made this for my Sons birthday Wetherspoon gift card really pleased with the result very appropriate

    1. So glad you like it:) Thanks for taking the time to write in:)
      Thank you,