Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reindeer Lantern Top Cookie Box (Flameless)

Reindeer Lantern Top Cookie Box (Flameless)-JMRush
size: W 3.25 x D 3.25 x H 5”

This Flameless Reindeer Lantern Cookie Box features cut outs and when vellum paper is used, a layered frosted glass effect is created. This design has a separate box that will fit 4 medium sized cookies. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.
You can purchase this design here:

1.Cut design pieces.
2. Flip the two Lantern top panels over. Apply glue to the bottom of the tab on the right side of the left panel. Align and secure to the next panel.
3.Glue the Vellum circle pieces over the reindeer cut outs.
4. Glue the circular hangers together. ( Make sure the stems of this piece remain separate)
5. Glue one of the stems to the inside of the top of the third reindeer panel.
6. Fold all score lines.
7. Apply glue to backside of the upper tab next to the circular hanger.
8. Connect this tab to the next reindeer panel lining up the seem.
9. Apply glue to the backside of the tab to the left of the circular hanger panel and connect it to the reindeer panel with the circular hanger again lining up the seems. ( make sure that one of the circular hanger stems is still free)
11.Repeat with the last tabs closing your box shape.
12.Glue the stem of the circular hanger directly across from where it is already glued. This is what it should look like.
13. Apply glue to the top tabs of the larger cookie square base and secure to the inside of the sides.
14. Repeat for the bottom tabs creating a box.
15. Apply glue to the top tabs of the smaller square candle base and secure to the inside of the sides.
16. Repeat for the bottom tabs creating a shallow box.
17.This is what your pieces should look like:)
18.Glue the decorative reindeer cut out to it’s base.
19. Using hot glue, attach a flameless votive candle to the top of the shallow candle base making sure that the switch is accessible through the rectangular cut.
20. Using 17” of ribbon, feed it through the cut slots on one side making the ends meet.
21. You will not want to finish the following steps until you are ready to insert the cookies/treats and deliver.  Place cookie in the bottom box and turn the candle on. Place the candle box on top of the cookie box and the lantern piece on top of all. Wrap the ribbon across the bottom and to the slots on the other side. Secure by placing the ribbon ends through the reindeer decorative piece. Your goodies are ready to go:)

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