Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hunter Hug Gift Card Holder

Hunter Hug Gift Card Holder-JMRush
Approximate Card size: 4” x 5.25” 

This card features character arms that open to release a hidden gift card section. The Hunter has a hunting vest detail on the inside:) This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

1.Cut design pieces. ( There is an optional small rectangular piece in case you do not want to use ribbon at the very bottom of your card - this piece is not shown in the picture) I used double sided paper for the card base:)
2. Fold the card along score lines.
3. Apply glue the bottom of the side tabs on the card base. Secure by folding upward toward the card base.
4. Glue the Vest pieces into place. Glue the pocket on and then the pocket trim and button. Glue the stocks of the gun onto the gun base. Glue the nose on the mustache piece.
5. Glue the oval face base into place; centering it with the card base and matching up with the top of the card base. Glue the larger trim pieces onto the hat and the mittens. Glue the smaller trim pieces on top of the first layer of trim on each.
6.Glue the hat and face piece into place.
7. Using an adhesive foam square, attach the nose/mustache piece. Glue the mittens on the front of the hand area of the card base.
8.Glue the eyes on and apply glue to the back of the rectangle vest piece.
9.Glue the rectangle piece on the backside.
10. Insert gift card.
11.Glue the gun into place. To ensure proper placement, tuck the mittens into their slots and make sure that the gun butt is flush with the bottom of the card. (Make sure that the mittens are still operational and that the glue does not flow onto them)
12. I finished the card with adhesive dots for the eyes, hat, and on the gun. I also used ribbon at the bottom to trim the card. There is an optional small rectangular cut piece if you prefer to use cardstock :).

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