Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beaver Hug Gift Card Holder

Beaver Hug Gift Card Holder-JMRush
Approximate Card size: 4” x 5.75” 

This card features character arms that open to release a hidden gift card section. The Beaver has a patterned tail on the backside. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.
1.Cut design pieces. (I used double sided cardstock for the card base)
2. Fold the card along score lines.
3. Apply glue the bottom of the side tabs on the card base. Secure by folding upward toward the card base.
4.Apply glue to bottom of the backside of the Face piece with cut outs and attach to the head base. Glue the tail pattern to the tail base. Glue the hat trim on top of the hat piece. Glue the muzzle piece on top of the muzzle piece with teeth.
5.Using foam adhesive squares attach the muzzle to the head base and attach the nose to the muzzle.
6.Glue the scarf into place on the cad base.
7. Glue the hands to the front of the arms.
8. The gift card can be inserted into the pocket of the card base and the hands tuck into the slots on the front:)
9.Glue the tail on the back of the card base.
10. Finish with ribbon and I used enamel dots to enhance the eyes.


  1. Love all of your hug gift cards. I have a friend that is an Oregon Beaver football fan so I'm going to make him in orange and black. Please keep making more of these, they are fun and make a great way to give a gift. Is there any way you could make military ones? I have grandsons who love Mario and Minecraft. Thanks for your great designs. Keep making new ones, I'm looking forward to see what you make next.
    Happy holidays.
    Pat King

  2. I have downloaded all your Christmas hug gift holders. I LOVE them. Making them to give to friends for their gift cards. The gift that keeps on giving. You are so creative. Thank you for all your time in doing this!
    Connie Huitt

    1. Thank you, Connie!
      I am truly blessed to have the best job and it is all due to the support of the crafting community. Thank you for your support! Happy Holidays:)