Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3D Four Leaf Clover Gift Card Box

3D Four Leaf Clover Gift Card Box-JMRush
Box size: W 3.5 x D 2.5 x H .75”

This 3D Four Leaf Clover gift card box has a hinged top lid and is sized to fit most gift cards and can be used to wish someone good luck or as a St. Patrick’s Day gift card box. The 3D Four Leaf Clover can be used separately. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase this design here: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/485222

You can purchase the SVG and Cricut file here:

1. Cut design pieces.
2. Flip the box base over ( pretty side down and double set of tabs on the lower section) Fold all score lines.... including the score lines on the heart shaped clover leaves.
3. Apply glue to the bottom of the middle tabs. Secure to the rectangular shape just above the tabs.
4. Apply glue to the tabs just below.  Secure to the rectangular shape just below the tabs.
5. Apply glue to the last set of tabs on the top section. Secure to the last rectangular panel just above the tabs. Your box will be complete now.
6. Apply glue to the folded bottom edge of one of the heart shaped clover leaves. I used hot glue.
7. Attach the bottom edge of another heart shaped clover leaf. I used alternating patterns for each group of two.
8-9. Repeat until all sets of two clover leaves are joined. You will have four sections when completed.
10. Glue the circle to the scalloped piece centering it. Glue the combined clover sections to the clover base.
11. Using a foam adhesive square, attach the clover to the combined scallop piece and again to the box.
12. I finished with a ribbon:)

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