Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Santa’s Sleigh Lantern (Flameless)

Santa’s Sleigh Lantern (Flameless)-JMRush
Approximate Lantern size: W 3 x D 3 x H 7” (H 7.75” with Star Hanger)

This Flameless lantern features Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in flight which is wrapped around each of the four sides. A layered transparent frosted effect is created when vellum paper is used. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/485222

1.Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock and vellum paper)
2.Center and glue the rectangular silhouettes to the open rectangle mat shapes. Glue the jingle bells to the jingle bell solid base shapes.
3. Center and glue the combined rectangular silhouette shapes to the coordinating shapes on the lantern base.
4.Flip the two combined lantern base pieces over ( pretty side down and as shown). Fold the score lines.
5.Apply glue to the front edges (perimeter) of the rectangular star cut out pieces. (There is one star panel that is different. It will be matched up to the lantern base panel with the half moon.) Flip them over and attach them to the lantern base; centering each one. 
6.Center the two lantern body pieces. Apply glue to the backside of the right side tab on the left lantern body piece. Attach to the other lantern piece making sure that the bottoms align (joining the two body pieces). 
7.-8.Glue the Star shaped hangers together. (Make sure the stems of these piece remain separate)
9. Glue one of the stems of the Star hanger combined piece to the inside of the top of the panel with santa on it. (The other stem will be glued inside the lantern later)
10.-11.-12. Apply glue to the top of the side long tab on the very left side. Secure the long side tab to the other side creating a box.

13. Apply glue to the top tab with the circle hanger and secure it to the triangular panel to it’s left side.
14. Image of the tab secured to the panel.
15.-16. Repeat for the next tab. 
17. Apply glue to the remaining unsecured Star hanger stem.
18. Secure it to the opposite side of the lantern top.
19. Continue securing the top tabs until the top is fully enclosed.
20. I sometimes use a long object (pencil eraser end) to help secure the tabs on the inside of the lantern top base.
21. Fold the score lines on the lantern square base. 
22.Apply glue to the top two tabs of the Lantern square base and secure to the inside of the sides.
23. Repeat for the bottom two tabs creating a shallow box.

24. Place a flameless candle inside and the lantern top in it’s base.( Shown is a W 1.5” x H 6.5 color changing flameless candle. I ended up using a 2.75” x H 4” color changing pillar flameless candle in the final product image:). 

25.-26. I finished by stringing a ribbon through the openings in the combined jingle bells and tied the ribbon around the top of the star hanger at the top of the lantern.


  1. Do you have any video tutorial? Or can you post bigger pictures? I are all new and just purchased this pattern, but I canæt use it since I can't undertsnad this.

    1. Hello:)

      I am sorry to report that I do not have a video tutorial. I could send you the tutorial images through email, which would allow you to enlarge the images. My email is jmrushdesigns@gmail.com if you would like to send me your email. Sorry that you are having difficulty. I am happy to help you:)

  2. I have buy this file on silhouettedesign and i love it *-*

  3. Hey Jennifer,
    I have purchased this file via Silhouette Desgin.But under the download is unfortunately the file Spooky Latern flameless.How do I get the file Santa's Sleigh Lantern (Flameless) ?? Thanks for your help.My email addy is c.oyen@gmx .com
    Have a nice day
    greeting Conny

  4. Hi there:)
    You might contact Silhouette customer service and let them know about the switch, hopefully they will get the right file to you. Please let me know if you need further assistance.
    Thanks so much!