Monday, April 4, 2016

Rose Garden Lattice Basket

Rose Garden Lattice Basket-JMRush
Basket size: W 3.5 x D 3.25 x H 2” (H 4.5” with Handle)

This cute Rose basket is perfect for May Day treats, Mother’s Day, Spring celebration, birthday, or Easter goodies. Roses, lattice basket, and grass design features can be used separately. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats. 

1. Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock).
2. Fold all score lines.
3.  Apply glue to the bottom of the top two tabs. Secure to the rectangular lattice shape just above the tabs.
4. Apply glue to the tabs just below.  Secure to the rectangular lattice shape just below the tabs. You now have a box shape.
5. Insert the handle tab through the top slot on the side of the basket starting from the inside and passing the tab through to the outside of the basket. 
6. Tuck this tab into the bottom slot going from the outside of the basket in to the inside of the basket. Repeat for the other handle tab on the other side.
7. This is what your basket should look like:)
8. Glue the grass to the sides of the basket centering each grass design and lining it up with the bottom of the basket.
9. Curve your flower petals and leaves as you like.
10. Use pieces of foam adhesive squares to attach the two largest flower petal pieces in each group. Largest on bottom and offsetting the petal placement. 
11.Glue the two smallest flower petal pieces in the center alternating the petals. Place a piece of foam adhesive square in the center of each of the two large combined petals.
12. Place a adhesive jewel in the center of the combined small petals and attach the small petal group to each of the large petal groups.
13. Use a foam adhesive square to attach the roses to the top of the handle and glue the leaves underneath.
14. Fill with goodies:)

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