Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pumpkin Lantern (Flameless)

Pumpkin Lantern (Flameless)-JMRush
Approximate size: W 4.50” X D 4.50” X H 7”

When vellum paper is used, an opaque lantern effect is created on this five sided lantern. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/485222

1.Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock)
2. Flip lantern pieces over ( pretty side down). Fold score line up. Align the lantern pieces so that the upper tabs are on the upper right side. Apply glue to the backside of the long side tabs and secure the three lantern pieces together.
3. Apply glue to the very edges of the rectangular vellum pieces. Align over each open window of the lantern panels. Secure.
4. Glue the two stem leaf pieces together on the central stem part only and making sure that the half circle shapes at the bottom and leaves are still separate.
5. Glue the two small stem designs to each side of the combined stem/leaf piece. Curl the leaves as you like.
6. Apply glue to the top right side tab of the third panel top and attach to the inside of the next triangular top to the right. Repeat for the next tab.
7. Repeat for the next tab on the fourth panel.
8. Repeat for the tab on the first panel.
9. Repeat for the last two tabs which encloses the top of your lantern.
10. This is what it should look like.
11. Apply glue to the long side tab on the last panel and attach to the panel to the left, creating a enclosed pentagon box shape.
12. Apply glue to the inside of the leaf/stem small tabs and secure to the top of the lantern. Hold until secure.
13. Fold the score lines on the lantern base.
14. Apply glue to the small tabs on the lantern base and secure to the inside of the rectangular shape to the left. 
15. Repeat for all tabs.
16. This is what it should look like.
17. Place a flameless candle in the center of the lantern base. (I used a 3” W x 4” H flameless color changing candle) The lantern top is placed over the top. I finished with a ribbon.

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