Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ice Cream Truck Treat Box

Ice Cream Truck Treat Box-JMRush

Approximate size: W 6.25” X  H 3.5” X D 2”

The Ice Cream Truck Treat Box has an attached lid and is great for party favors or to use as a centerpiece for your summer parties. This design is compatible with 8x12 or 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

Color guide for design pieces.

1.Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock)
2. Glue the largest circles to the matching shapes on the solid truck shapes.
3. Glue the truck shapes with cut outs to the coordinating solid truck shape. Glue the second largest circles to the largest circles that you just attached to the solid truck shape; centering it within the circles.
4. Glue the smaller door frames to the larger ones (2). Glue the third largest circles to the combined circles on the combined truck shape; centering them. Glue the scalloped curtain shape to the inside top of the large window on the combined truck shape.
5. Glue the front grill shape with cut outs to it’s solid base. Glue the ice cream sign to it’s solid base. Glue the rectangular window shapes to the coordinating shapes ( The windshield wiper design is different then the arrow shaped one shown in this tutorial) 
6. Glue the ice cream sandwich cut out piece to the coordinating solid piece ( the background piece is shown as grey in this tutorial- I switched it to black in the final image) Glue the orange popsicle to it’s base. Glue the largest rocket pop shape to it’s base. Glue the second largest rocket piece to the combined rocket piece. Glue the smallest white circles to the combined grill shape in the coordinating shapes.
7.Glue the smallest rocket pop ( red ) shape to the combined rocket pop. Flip the box bases over ( pretty side down) as shown in the photo. Fold the long tab in the center and apply glue to the backside. Line up the two box base pieces and attach.
8. Fold the tabs on the smallest box base piece and align with the the bottom section to the left of the seam. Apply glue to the top tab and secure into place.
9. Fold the tabs on the upper left of the combined box base. Apply glue to the backside of the tab closest to the center. Attach to the center strip to the right of the tab.
10. Apply glue to the backside of the top tab on the bottom box base section. Secure to the left side panel.
11.  Repeat for the next two tabs.
12. Apply glue to the right side tabs of the bottom section and to the backside tab. Secure to the right side panel- creating a box shape.
13. Allow to dry. This is what it should look like:) 
14. Close the top box tab by securing the tab in the slot.
15. Glue the combined truck shape to it’s coordinating box base side.

16. Repeat for the other side. (Be careful not to glue the top backside of truck design with a window so as not to glue the box tab closure slot)
17. Glue the long wheel hub to the coordinating side.
18. Fold the tab so that the bumper sticks out. Glue the end section to the other side of the truck ( there is a score line to line up with:)
19. Repeat for the other side.
20. Tuck the end score line underneath the other wheel hub piece.
21. Use pieces of foam adhesive squares to attach the ice cream and sign to the box base side without a window. Glue the combined door to the coordinating shape on the box base.
22. Glue the small wheel hub shape into place.
23. Flip to the other side. Glue the combined door into place.
24. Glue the smaller wheel hub to the coordinating shape.
25. Glue the solid rectangular pieces to their coordinating shapes on the front and top of the truck box base.
26. Glue the combined grill piece with headlights to the front of the truck box base. Glue the solid rectangular shape with rounded corners to the backside of the windshield piece ( with windshield wipers )
27. Apply glue to the backside and attach to the front of the box base.
28. It should look like this:)
29. Glue the combined backside piece to the back of the truck.
30. Glue the rectangular shape with rounded corners to the inside of the window.

31. Glue the small open circles to the solid red circles.
32. Like this.
33. Glue to the backside of the truck.
34. Your box is complete:)

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