Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3D Spider Web Photo Frame 4X6

3D Spider Web Photo Frame 4X6 - JMRush 
Finished Frame Dimensions: W 7 1/8"X H 5 1/4" X D 5/8”
Fits 4X6 photos

This easy to construct, two piece frame can be used vertically or horizontally and features a fold out stand, a decorative webbed mat, and a spider. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

1. Cut out design piece. (I used double sided card stock)
2. Insert the tabs of the frame base into the frame base slots (as shown in the image)
3.  Align and center the pieces. On the backside. Apply glue to the inside of the tabs and secure into place making sure that the corners are 90 degree angles.
4. Apply glue to the top backside and lower left of the solid rectangle shape that was the inside of your webbed mat piece. ( The image shows glue to the frame base to demonstrate the area where glue should not be present) Center and glue to the inside rectangle of the frame base making sure that the score lines for the frame stand remain moveable.
5. Pre-fold all scored lines on the edges of the frame folding them inward toward the center. Fold all score lines on the tabs inward.
6.  Starting on the side of the frame base, apply hot glue to the very inside score line on that side of the frame base.
7.  Place the edge down so the it is in alignment with the bottom score line. This will form a box.
8.-9. Depending on how quickly you work, you can roll the box inward toward the center of the frame. This action will apply the glue edge to the base of the frame. Hold until the glue is secure. ( image 8 shows applying more hot glue before you roll the box inward if your glue has dried)
10. Repeat this steps for each of the frame sides. (You will need to be careful a little more careful on the left side when applying glue to the score line so that the stand leg of the frame will have mobility later.)
11.-13. Fold in the score lines on each side of each tab. Apply a dab of hot glue. Fold the tab into the tab hole and hold until the glue is secure.
14. Repeat for each tab.
15 .Insert your photo by sliding it into place. The sides of the frame will lift up a bit to ease the photo insertion. On the backside, you can raise the stand flaps so that your frame sits vertically…..

16. Or you can raise the stand flap so that your frame sits horizontally.
17. -18. Using a ruler, line the edge of the ruler along the score line and fold upward on each side of the webbed mat.
19. Pinch the corners and fold at the angled score line on the web window. The last three steps are to create a 3D frame-like web window.
20. Apply glue to the backside of the web window just along the very inside edges.
21. Center and secure to the matching inside rectangle shape of the frame body.
22. Shape/Curve your spider. I used large enamel dot to accentuate the hind end. 
23. I used a black marker to color the sides of the white foam adhesive square that I used to secure the spider to the combined frame so that the edges didn’t show.
24. Ta Da:)

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