Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Create 3D Wall Art

Create 3D Wall Art-JMRush

W 5" X  H 6.75” X D 5/8”

This 3D art file can be used as wall art or can be used with it’s optional backing that contains a kickstand for displaying on a flat surface.This design uses a 12X12 mat only.

1. Cut out all design pieces.
2. Pre-fold all scored lines on the outside of the frame folding them inward toward the center. (See 4 X 6 Frame picture tutorial above for more detailed pictures:)
3. Apply glue to the very edge of a side piece.
4.Place the glued edge down so the it is in alignment with the bottom score line. This will form a box.
5. Roll the box inward toward the center of the frame. This action will apply the glue edge to the base of the frame. Hold until the glue is secure.
6 -15. Repeat this steps for each of the frame sides.
16. Fold in the score lines on each side of each tab. Apply a dab of hot glue. Fold the tab into the tab hole and hold until the glue is secure.
17. Repeat for each tab.
18. This is what it should look like:)
19. Line up the back panel piece’s hole with the hole on the frame and glue into place. There is an additional back panel that has a “kick stand” that can be glued into place if you intend on standing this decoration up right.
20. Glue the decorative flowers in place on the front and your Wall art is complete:) 


  1. Nice! you are sharing such helpful and easy to understandable blog in decoration. i have no words for say i just say thanks because it is helpful for me. krishna decors Dwarka

    1. Hi Ayshwarya:)
      So happy that the tutorial was helpful to you! Thank you so much.