Monday, January 30, 2017

Penguin Hug Candy Pocket

Penguin Hug Candy Pocket- JMRush 
Approximate size: W 4.75” X H 6.5”
Approximate Pocket size: W 2.5” X H 3.25”

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

1.Cut design pieces. (I used doubled sided card stock for the base.)
2. Fold the score lines on the pocket base. Glue the Penguin silhouette with eye and beak cut outs to the coordinating shape on the pocket base; aligning at the top.
3. Glue the hat into place; aligning at the top. Attach the puff ball and beak with a foam adhesive square.
4.-5. Apply glue to the side tabs on the pocket base. Fold forward and secure to the penguin shape of the pocket base.
6. Apply glue to the front of the combined pocket base on the top rectangular piece. Secure the bottom section of penguin to the glue on the rectangle; aligning at the top edge of the rectangle and centering it.
7.-8.Make sure that the cut lines on the oval shaped piece are open. ( I used a small dowel rod to lift up the center in between the two slots.)  Apply glue to the backside edges of this piece and secure to the front of the combined pocket base; aligning at the top edge and centering it. (Make sure the slots are not glued down)
9. Tuck the hands into the slots. Attach the heart with a foam adhesive square in the center between the hands. I finished by adding enamel dots to accentuate the eyes and placed a chocolate square in the pocket:)

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