Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rose Gift Tag Card

 Rose Gift Tag Card-JMRush
Approximate Size with Rose: W 4” x H 3.25”
Approximate Card Size: W 2.5” x H 2.75”

This design can be used as an alternative to a bow on a present or a gift bag and is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase this design here:
1.Cut design pieces. (I used double sided card stock for the flower pieces) - ( I switched the color of the card base from a pattern to a solid white during this tutorial. The pattern was too busy for this project for me:)
2. Fold the card base at the score lines. Curve the flower petals and leaf design. I curved the two larger pieces downward toward the table and the two smaller I curved each individual petal inward toward each petals vertical center forming a circular shape.
3. Glue the two smaller petal sections together and the two larger petal sections together alternating the petals. 
4. I used a foam adhesive square to attach the two flower sections together and dabbed glue along the bottom of the center flower section to attach and curve the shape the bottom section to the top. ( This is where I decided to use a white card base:)
5. Glue the leaf piece in the center of the top of the card base.
6. I used a foam adhesive square to attach the combined flower to the center of the combined card base.
7. ( Optional piece for writing in case you have a double sided colored card base:)-Open your card and glue the scalloped piece on the bottom section of the card; centering it.
8. I looped a ribbon through the top opening of the card to finish:)


  1. I can not find this pattern in silhouette design store. I see the others but not his one.

    1. Hi Dee:)
      I think this file is Design ID #181627. is the quick link to take you there.
      Thank so much!