Monday, October 24, 2016

Spooky Lantern (Flameless)

Spooky Lantern (Flameless)-JMRush
Approximate Lantern size: W 3 x D 3 x H 7” (H 8” with Star Topper)

This Flameless lantern features a Spooky Haunted House design which is wrapped around each of the four sides. A layered transparent frosted effect is created when vellum paper is used. This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats. 

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

1.Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock and vellum paper)
2. Flip the two lantern pieces over ( pretty side down) 
3. Glue the rectangular vellum pieces to the open areas of the lantern body- centering each rectangle with the open window area of the lantern body. 
4. Glue the triangular vellum pieces to the top triangular open areas of the lantern body- centering each triangle with the open window area of the lantern body.
5. Glue the Star shaped hangers together. ( Make sure the stems of these piece remain separate)
6. Glue one of the stems of the star hanger combined piece to the inside of the top of the third from the left window panel. (The other stem will be glued inside the lantern later)
7. Fold the score lines of the lantern body. 
8. Center the two lantern body pieces. Apply glue to the backside of the right side tab on the left lantern body piece. Attach to the other lantern piece making sure that the bottoms align (joining the two body pieces).
9. Apply glue to the side long tab on the very right side. Secure the long side tab to the other side creating a box.
10. Apply glue to the top tab with the star hanger and secure it to the triangular panel to it’s left side.
11. Repeat for the next tab. Continue applying glue to the top tabs until the top is complete.
12. Apply glue to the other side of the star hanger piece and secure to the opposite side inside the lantern. Hard to see pic of the inside…sorry.
13. Fold the score lines on the lantern square base.
14. Apply glue to the top two tabs of the Lantern square base and secure to the inside of the sides.
15. Repeat for the bottom two tabs creating a shallow box.
16. Place a flameless candle inside and the lantern top in it’s base.( I used a W 2.75” x H 4” pillar color changing flameless candle). I finished with a ribbon on top:)

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