Monday, October 12, 2015

Werewolf Envelope Pouch

Werewolf Envelope Pouch-JMRush
Finished Pouch Dimensions: 
W 3” x H 5.25”

Fill this cute little werewolf pouch with your favorite candy bar or use it as a  cutlery holder for your Halloween party. The pouch’s super easy construction makes it perfect for classroom or Halloween parties. This design is compatible with 8x12 or 12X12 mats.

  1. Cut the design pieces.
  2. Pre-Fold all score lines.
  3. Apply glue to the tabs of the pouch base on each side.
  4. Secure the tabs to the lower flap of the pouch. 
  5. Apply glue to the front inside edge of each arm pieces(scalloped edge down) and to the bottom backside of each ear.
  6. Secure each arm piece to the back side of the pouch and ears to the top front side of the pouch.
  7. Glue the eye piece to the solid eye piece.
  8. Glue the eye piece to the backside of the face design and glue into place on the pouch. Glue the small triangle teeth into place.
  9. Using a piece of a small foam adhesive, secure the nose piece on top of the face design and TA DA! Your werewolf is ready to be filled with goodies or used as a cutlery holder for your Halloween parties.

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