Monday, October 26, 2015

Pilgrim Girl Cone Container

Pilgrim Girl Cone Container-JMRush

Basket size: W 4" X  H 2.25”
Pilgrim Girl Size (approximate): W 6” X H 6.25”

This Pilgrim Girl Cone Treat container can be filled with goodies for a gift or used as a center piece for your Thanksgiving feast. 20” of 1/4” ( or smaller width) ribbon or twine is needed to complete the basket. This design is compatible with 8x12 or 12X12 mats.

  1. Cut the design pieces.
  2. Pre-fold all score lines.
  3. Using 20” of 1/4” or smaller ribbon or twine, lace it through the holes of the Octagonal design piece to create a basket. Tie a bow to secure.
  4. Starting with the largest curved body piece, insert the tab into the slot.
  5. Apply glue to the inside of the cone on the inside of the tab.
  6. Secure into place. Repeat for each Curved cone body section.
  7. Repeat for each Curved body section.
  8. Apply glue to the inside of the second largest curved body piece.
  9. Place it on top of the largest curved cone body section and secure. Make sure that the seams align in the back.
  10. Apply glue to the back side of the hands and secure them onto the arm pieces.
  11. Apply glue to the backside of the rectangular cuff pieces and secure them on top of the wrists of the arm pieces.
  12. Apply glue to the backsides of the top of the arms. 
  13. Secure the arms onto the the joined cone body sections.
  14. Apply glue to the inside of the collar cone body section.
  15. Secure the collared section on top of the joined cone body sections, making sure the the seams in the back align.
  16. Apply glue to the inside of the face section.
  17. Glue to on top of the belt buckle sections, aligning the seams in the back.
  18. Pre-curve the triangular hair piece, making sure that the edges with align.
  19. Apply glue to the top of the scored edge.
  20. Secure the edges together.
  21. Apply glue to the inside of the hair section and glue on top of the coned body sections. Glue the white eye section to the solid eye section.
  22. Glue the eyes and the nose into place.
  23. Slide the smaller open circle onto the hat base. 
  24. Apply glue to the top of the bottom tabs of the hat base.
  25. Secure the tabs on the bottom of the open circle.
  26. Apply glue to the top of the open circle.
  27. Secure the larger open circle on top of the smaller open circle.
  28. Apply glue to the top of the tabs on the hat section.
  29. Secure the solid circle on top.
  30. Apply glue to the top base of the feet and secure to the bottom of the basket piece.
  31. Apply glue to the top of the hair cone section(I used a hot glue gun for this step) and glue the hat into place.
  32. Fill your pilgrim with goodies to give as a gift or use him as a festive Holiday decoration:)

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