Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Graduation Hat Pocket Gift Card

Graduation Hat Pocket Gift Card-JMRush
Approximate Size: W 7.25” X H 3.75”

This design has a sliding compartment that is sized to hold American paper currency or most gift cards and is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/485222 

  1. Cut design pieces. I used double sided card stock.
  2. Fold the score lines on the two card bases.  (There is a enlarged photo below to assist in folding the card bases. Green lines fold down. Red folds up. The lower card base if turned so that the point is pointing up instead of down.) Glue the thinner word to the thicker word base. Glue the small oval to the larger oval base. Glue the smaller hat pieces to their larger coordinating shapes. ( There is a small tab in the center of the smaller top hat piece that can be used to secure a real tassel or thread if you prefer. Make sure this tab is up and not glued down if you decide to not use the tassel piece provided) Glue the side banner pieces (2) to the coordinating shape on the full banner. Glue the smaller curved banner piece to it’s coordinating larger shape.
  3. Apply glue to the side tabs on the lower card base and fold the bottom section to them.
  4. Apply glue to the side tabs on the upper card base and secure to the upper rectangular panel.
  5. This is what it should look like.
  6. Push down on the top of the upper card base and crease the folds.
  7. Apply glue to the top section of the upper card base and secure the combined top hat piece to it; aligning at the top of the card.
  8. Glue the bottom combined hat piece to the lower card base at the coordinating “v” shape. Glue the combined word to the combined curved banner piece.
9.  Use foam adhesive on the center backside of the combined curved banner and secure to the coordinating shape on the combined full banner piece. (You can glue the side edges down to the combined full banner if you want a more rounded appearance). Using a thin round dowel, wrap the tassel piece around to the backside.

10.   Apply glue to the very top to secure the tassel piece

11.  Apply glue to the center of the combined top hat. Secure the oval shape of the tassel to it. ( You can attach a real tassel to the tab if not using the tassel provided)

12.  Glue the combined small oval piece on top of the oval shape of the tassel.

13.  This is what it should look like:)

14.  Apply glue to the lower section on either side ( where my fingers are pointing) and attach to the lower section.

15.  Insert a gift card or money. The top section will flex.

16.  Insert the upper combined card base into the lower combined card base.

17.  Glue the combined banner to the front of the lower combined card base.


  1. Love this card. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!
    Winner, winner. Chicken dinner!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me and for the kind words:) It is always good to hear feedback (especially the good kind;)

  2. Can you recommend settings/paper for the tassle for Silhouette Cameo? Mine kind of picks up the edge of every turn.

    1. Hi Judy:)
      I would try a heavier card stock and adjust the blade setting accordingly. Also, sometimes a new cutting mat or a dull blade will cause the paper to curl. Hope this helps:)
      Thanks so much!