Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hibiscus Flower Lantern (Flameless)

Hibiscus Flower Lantern (Flameless)-JMRush
Approximate Dimensions: W 5” x D 5” X H 2”

This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats and when vellum paper is used, an opaque lantern effect is created. 

  1. Cut design pieces. (I used double sided card stock and vellum paper) Be careful removing the pieces from the mat. On the vellum flower petals I released the petals first and then the centers and on the card stock outline petals, I removed the negative inside petal shapes and then released one petal’s outside and inside at a time until all of the flower shape could be lifted:)
  2. Flip the outline flowers over. Glue the coordinating vellum pieces to the outline flowers. (Do not apply glue to the tabs on the inside of two of the outline flower shapes:)
  3. Press to secure the pieces together. I used a heavy object to press the pieces together momentarily.
  4. Repeat for all of the flower combinations.
  5. Fold the tabs of the flower base.
  6. Tuck the end tab into the slot creating a circular tube shape.
  7. Place the one of the narrow circular ring pieces over the tube shape you just created.
  8. Apply glue to the outside of one of the rows of tabs and secure to the narrow ring.
  9. Apply glue to the tops of the ring and tabs. 
  10. Secure the thicker circular ring to the top.
  11. Place a flameless votive candle inside the tube.
  12. Picture showing the candle inside the tube.
  13. Fit the second narrow ring around the other side of the tube. Apply glue to the outside of the tabs and secure to the narrow ring.(repeating the steps above)
  14. Apply glue to the tops of the ring and tabs. 
  15. Secure the thicker circular ring to the top.
  16. Apply glue to the center backside of one of the small center hole combined petal pieces.
  17. Center and secure to the lantern base.
  18. Fold the all of the tabs of the two large center hole combined flower petal pieces down.
  19. Flip on of the combined pieces over and apply glue to the outside of each tab.
  20. Combine with the other large center combined flower petal pieces securing each of the tabs together.
  21. Glue the tips of the flower petals together.
  22. This is what it should look like.
  23. Curve your flower petals as you like.
  24. Apply glue to the bottom center of the combined large hole flower piece and attach to the lantern piece, alternating the petals.
  25. Apply glue to the center backside of the last small hole combined flower petal and attach to the center of the the lantern, alternating the petals. Push down the center until dry:)


  1. I love this file. I hope that you consider making other flower files like it.

    1. Thanks Sherri:) I have a couple in the works. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    when we will be back to get both the hibicus and lilly latnerns from digiplayground

    1. Hello:)
      I hope to have both designs on the digiplayground site by the end of next week:)
      Thank you!