Monday, May 9, 2016

Color Cube Tissue Box

Color Cube Tissue Box-JMRush
Approximate Box Dimensions: W 4.5” x D 4.5” X H 5”

This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats and fits square tissue boxes.

  1. Cut design pieces. (I used double sided card stock) ( It is optional to use the bottom of this cube incase you need it to fit a taller tissue box.)
  2. Flip the cube bases over (pretty sides down). Glue the solid squares to the cube bases. ( There are two smaller squares. One for the top and one for the bottom)
  3. Flip the side combined pieces over (pretty sides up). Apply glue to the side tab. Attach to the other side combined piece.
  4. This is what it should look like:)
  5. Fold the score lines on this combined piece. Apply glue to the other side tab and connect to make a open box shape.
  6. Fold the score lines on the top and bottom pieces. (These two pieces are still face down).
  7. Optional- Apply glue to all of the side tabs on the solid combined piece (bottom).
  8. Optional- Insert this piece inside the combined open square at the bottom. (It will be a snug fit:)
  9. Optional- I used a stick to make sure all of the edges of the bottom pieces were secured to the inside of the open square.
  10. Apply glue to one edge of the top combined piece (oval cut).
  11. Attach the glued edge to the inside top of the open square and secure into place.
  12. Insert tissue box and close the top:)

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