Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lily Gift Tag Card

 Lily Gift Tag Card-JMRush
Approximate Size with Lily W 3.75” x H 3.75”
Approximate Card Size: H 3” x W 2.75”

You can purchase this design here:

Written tutorial coming soon:)

1.Cut design pieces. (I used double sided card stock)
2.-3.-4. Curve the leaf pieces as you like. Place the flower petal section with a smaller center underneath the flower petal section with a circular shape. Center and tuck the top layer of petals under the bottom petals to join the flower sections.
5. Curve the Flower stamen combined piece so that all of the oval sections are on top. Curve the flower petals as you like.
6. Glue the stamen section to the center of the combined flower petals.
7. ( Optional piece for writing in case you have a double sided colored card base:)-Open your card and glue the scalloped piece on the bottom section of the card; centering it.
8. Glue the leaves into place on the front of the card.
9. Glue the combined lily to the front of the card.
10. I looped a ribbon through the top opening of the card to finish:)

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