Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ice Skates Sled Ornament Gift Tag

Ice Skates Sled Ornament Gift Tag- JMRush 
Approximate size: W 2.75” X H 6”

This design file is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats and can be used as a gift tag and or an ornament.
You can purchase this Silhouette design file or SVG bundle here:

1. Cut design pieces. ( I used doubled sided card stock)
2.  Flip the ornament base over and glue the coordinating gift tag (white) to it. Glue the wood plank pieces to the coordinating shapes on the sled base. Glue the ice skates shoes and blades to the coordinating shapes on the ice skates solid bases. Curve the branches of the two wreath pieces.
3. Adjust the smaller wreath to set as you like on top of the larger one. Apply glue to the very inside ring of the bottom wreath and secure the smaller wreath on top. Glue the thin small red piece to the center top of the combined sled.
4. Use a foam adhesive squares to attach the combined sled to the front of the ornament base; centering it. Use a foam adhesive squares to attach the combined wreaths to the front of the combined sled.
5. Using a large gauge thread or small width ribbon, tie two bows and cut a three inch piece. 
6.-7.Glue one thread bow to each ice skate and glue the ends of the 3” thread to the backside of each ice skate ( I used hot glue for this).
8. Loop the thread of the ice skates around the center branch of the combined wreath. Glue into place if you like.
9.-10.  Finish with a ribbon:)


  1. You should do a how to youtube video on this pattern from start to finish for us newbies to the silhouette.

    1. Hi there:)
      Sorry, I do not have any "how to" videos at this time. I do offer picture tutorials and written instructions. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and assist you:)