Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stacked Cardinal Bird Card

Stacked Cardinal Bird Card- JMRush 
Approximate Card size: W 5.50” X H 4.25”

This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats. 

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

You can purchase the SVG and Cricut file here:

1. Cut design pieces.
2. Fold the card base. Glue the two claws to the smaller (red) bird silhouette. Glue the bird face (with eye cut out) to the solid bird face with a beak. Glue the pinecone with cut outs to their solid coordinating shape bases.
3. Glue the smaller wing piece (red) to the larger ling wing piece (black). Glue the combined bird silhouette to the larger bird silhouette (black). glue the small (oval with scalloped edge) to the small wing shape.
4. Glue the bird face to the combined bird silhouette. Use a foam adhesive square to attach the small combined wing to the long combined wing.
5. Glue the combined wing to the combined bird silhouette.
6. Curve the pinecones and leaves as you like.
7. Align the tree branch so that it’s edges line up with the edges of the card. Center the leaf shapes (green) underneath the branch as shown. Carefully glue the branch to the leaves without losing their position and not glueing it to the card yet.
8. Place the combined bird silhouette so that it’s claws wrap around the tree branch and apply glue to the backside of the bird body, branch, and center part of the leaves. Use a foam adhesive square on the backside of the bird’s head.
9. Attach the combined bird and combined leaf/branch to the front of the card; making sure that the edges of the branch align with the edges of the card. I used a piece of foam adhesive square to attach the full combined pinecone and glue to attach the half pinecone:)

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