Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Love Birds Nest Cupcake Toppers

 Love Birds Nest Cupcake Toppers-JMRush
Approximate size Birds: H 3" X W 2.25”
Approximate size Birdcage: H 2.50" X W 1.50”
Approximate size Egg: H 2.50 X W 1.75”
Approximate size Egg Nest: H 1.50 X W 2.50”
Approximate size Flower Group: H 2.25 X W 2.25”
Approximate size Single Flower: H 2.25 X W 2.25”

These Print and Cut Cupcake Toppers have a backing that is sized for a toothpick to be inserted in the back and are compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats.

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/485222

You can purchase the SVG and Cricut compatible file here:https://www.jamieandjenn.com  Coming Soon:)
  1. Print the colored design and then cut the design. Cut the single colored base pieces.
  2. Insert toothpicks into the single colored base pieces as shown.
  3. Apply glue to the backside of one the base piece. Attach the coordinating shape aligning at the edges until secure.
  4. Repeat for the remain pieces.
  5. Image of the backside of a completed cupcake topper.
  6. Finish with ribbon if you like:)

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