Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Star Handle Bag

Star Handle Bag-JMRush

W 5" X  H 4” X D 1.25” (H 5.5" including handle)

This design is compatible with 8x12 or 12X12 mats.

1.Cut design pieces.
2. Glue the large front flap to the coordinating shape on the bag base.
3. Glue the scalloped edge trim piece on top.
4. Flip the bag base over ( pretty side down and scallop shape at the top)Pre-Fold all score lines ( everything folds in toward the center)
5.Apply glue to the first set of tabs on the second from the bottom section. Secure to the third section from the top.
6. Apply glue to the tabs of the third section from the bottom and secure to the first section, creating a box.
7. Apply glue to the wings of section four.
8. Secure to the inside of the wings of section five.
9. Image of the wing sections glued together.
10. Fold the score lines on the handle. Using foam adhesive squares, attach the stars together - layering from largest to smallest on top.
11. Insert the handle into the slots on either side of the box. ( If you accidentally glue the slots in the front section, like I did;), you can use a toothpick to open them).
12.  Tuck the front closure tab into the front slot. Secure the combined star to the front using an adhesive square and attach a ribbon if you like:)
You can purchase this design here:

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