Monday, September 14, 2015

You Rule! Box

You Rule! Box  - JMRush 
Finished dimensions of box: L 4 x W 2 1/4 x H 3
You Rule! This funny treat box is perfect for a simple thank you gift. Fill it with your favorite goodies and give it to that special teacher who has shown great patience during the school year;) This design requires a 12X12 mat.

1. Cut your shapes and lay out. 

2. Place the Box base Decorative side face down. 
3. Fold the side panels inward to the center.

4. Fold the front tab toward the center and crease the score lines. 

5. Fold the second front tab toward the center and crease the score lines. 

6. This is what is looks like laying flat.

7. Crease the rest of the perforated lines on the side panels.  Red lines fold inward. Green lines will go outward.

8. Green dots glue together and yellow dots glue together on the inside of the the card base.

9. Repeat for the front side.

10. Fold the small side top tabs in. Fold the lid into the front section, leaving the tab on the outside. Center and glue the Ruler to the Ruler base rectangle. 

11. Center the ruler on the lid tab and glue into place. Center and glue “You Rule!” to the card base. 

12. You can place a ribbon through the holes on the top to add a decorative bow. Ta Da! 

OR more detailed instructions......

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