Wednesday, October 10, 2018

3D Hanging Spider

3D Hanging Spider-JMRush 
Approximate size: W 5 x D 1.5 x H 8”

This design is compatible with both 8X12 and 12X12 mats. 

You can purchase the Silhouette design file here:

You can purchase the SVG and Cricut compatible file here:  Coming Soon:)

1.Cut design pieces. ( I used double sided card stock)
2. Fold all score lines. Glue an open centered circle to the coordinating shape on the spider base- on the front side and glue the other to the back.
3. Apply glue to one side of the folded spider pieces. Attach one side of another spider body; aligning at the edges.
4. Repeat. You will have combined three spider body pieces together.
5. This is what it should look like. Glue the combined body piece to the spider base at the coordinating shape; aligning the edges.
6. This is what it should look like.
7. Combine the other three spider pieces as you did above. Glue to the backside of the spider base; aligning at the edges.
8. This is what it should look like:)
9. Lace a string through the top hole.
10. Tie the string and curve the spider legs as you like.
11. Cut the excess string and finish by placing adhesive jewels for eyes:)

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